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We are a Salt Lake City based branding studio that specializes in custom merchandise and promotional marketing products.

mix·e·va  |  mix-ee-vuh
: a fabricated word which represents the art and process of blending brand and product.

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While we strive to be a lean and agile studio, practicing minimalism and sustainability wherever possible in our work, we have all the resources needed to meet your complex project requirements.


Why Merch

Custom merchandise and promotional marketing products are brand touchpoints by which employees, customers, vendors and anyone else that comes in contact with your brand are quietly, even subconsciously, assessing your organization. By designing and manufacturing sustainable and relevant merchandise, we help smaller organizations build brand awareness in their market and larger organizations build culture and unity among their team members while increasing brand loyalty. Our vast collection of products was designed to serve almost any industry in search of creative marketing. Our growing network and approach to manufacturing allows us to fulfill orders of various scale and technical requirements while maintaining the attentive relationship experience of a small creative studio. Many small business owners, marketers, and creatives find creating “swag” to be both enjoyable and effective when they discover the right products and move beyond the cheap knick knacks that dominate the promotional product industry. We are committed to a detail-oriented approach that ensures your products are an accurate physical extension of your brand. In a world of rapidly increasing digital marketing agencies, consider us your tangible agency..

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